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  • When will I know if my booking is already confirmed and guaranteed?
    Your booking will be confirmed and guaranteed once you settle your reservation payment. Wait for the booking confirmation message to be sent to your email.
  • Can we add or extend our time in the middle of our reserved schedule?
    Yes, requesting additional time or time extension is allowed. Kindly book your desired additional time in advance to guarantee your extension.
  • Can our reservation schedule be changed or rescheduled?
    NO, bookings cannot be changed or rescheduled once confirmed. Please ensure that all details entered are correct before submission.
  • Is there a cut-off time for bookings?
    Yes, online bookings are available from 8:00AM to 5:00OPM every Mondays to Saturdays only. A gentle reminder, NO online bookings shall be made during Sundays and Holidays. However, you may still book your schedule through walk-in and look for our security personnel in charge of the venue.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    For online reservations, you can pay the amount thru G-Cash or Bank Transfer.
  • Is the additional equipment request already included in our reservation payment?
    NO, the rental for the equipment is not yet included in the reservation fee. Kindly coordinate with our security personnel in the charge of the venue to settle your payment.
  • Are we allowed to adjust our time of schedule if we show up late to our reservation schedule?
    NO, your booking time will run whether you arrived at the venue or not on your scheduled date and time. Please come at least 10 minutes ahead of your schedule.
  • Where can I send my proof of payment?
    You may send your proof of payment together with the screenshot of your booking reservation confirmation via private message to the Facebook pages of your chosen location below: Lotus Mall Portal Mall Stadium Shopping Strip Harvest Marketplace
  • Is our reservation payment refundable?​
    NO, reservation payments are non-refundable. No refunds can be given if you change or cancel your reservation.
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